Three Tips And Benefits Of Lemons To Your Skin


Lemon is one of the fruits we have that can work miracles into our bodies health.  It  is a citrus fruit rich in vitamin c, it also contains antioxidants, astringents and disinfectants and this is the reason being used for body health and skin-care benefits.

One of the significant advantages of lemon is that it is a weight loss remedy for it helps in removing the fats in the body. The are several ways to use lemon to improve our beauty, but it is, essential to note that lemon treatment should be applied at night because one can get body sports when exposed to the sun. Lemons can be used to enhance our beauty in several ways:

Exfoliating the lips-

There are a lot of factors that can interfere with the health of the lips leading to cracking and drying, by applying the lemon juice on the lips especially at night before going to bed it will improve the hydration and help to eliminate the dead cells leaving the lips very soft.

Remove blackheads-

Blackheads are due to a lot of oil accumulated to our bodies; lemons contain the astringent and disinfectant properties this helps in burning the fats and removing the toxins in our bodies hence making our bodies free from blackheads. The procedure of this treatment involves rubbing lemon juice in the affected area and the washing with cold water after 15 minutes.

Reducing skin discoloration and clarifying and strengthening the nail-

Skin discoloration and blemishes is caused by many factors like sun exposure, specific illness, diet, acne among others.

Lemon juice is used to improve this by directly applying the affected area for 15 minutes and rinsing with cold water. It is also known for clarification of nails and hardening them. Due to contact with many artificial, your nails weakens causing stains.

Lemon juice mixed with any vegetable oil and applied on the nails can be a remedy for this. Enhancing the beauty and beautiful skin, our bodies are supposed to be healthy.

Other Benefits of using lemons

There are several ways in which lemon play a role in improving the health of our bodies.

  1. Lemon water promotes hydration this is by enhancing the taste of the water hence increasing the amount taken in.
  2. Lemons are the source of vitamin C. Vitamin C has several purposes in the body like acting as an antioxidant that protects the body cells from damage.
  3. The vitamin C in lemons reduces diseases like stroke, cardiovascular and can lower the blood pressure. People with lower vitamin C are likely to have high blood pressure this is because lemons also reduce the accumulation of fat in our bodies.
  4. Lemon water helps in digestion- by drinking lemon water especially in the morning or after meals reduces the chances of constipation and aids the digestive systems. According to a study done by WHO taking lemon water can help in avoiding calcium kidney stones is also useful when removing lousy breathing after eating food with a strong smell like onions, ginger or fish.
  5. Lemon peels are also vital because they have been proven to contain phytonutrient tangeretin, which can be used to treat brain disorders like Parkinson’s diseases.
  6. Lemons also contain vitamin E or (bioflavonoids) which strengthens the blood vessels by preventing internal bleeding. In case your skin is broken it is essential to take lemon water because it aids in wound n healing this is due to the abundance of vitamin C, which can hold together connective tissue.
  7. Vitamin C also contains anti-inflammatory properties. All these nutrients combined make it possible to keep good health and aids to recover from stress and injury.

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