My Top Most Favorite Things About Fall



Fall is one of those times I just cannot wait to happen. The mood, the excitement and everything about Fall bring up my list of favorite things that I must experience.

I cannot help but fall in love with the beautiful smell the perfect temperatures to spend the day outside; I get to wear my sandals go for swimming. The amazing colors of flowers and leafs falling off trees bring out a serene environment for a day in the park.

For us Fall means pumpkins.

I guess I should call it pumpkin season like many would. I love everything about pumpkins it could probably be a craving thing since pumpkins are rare the other seasons of the year. I enjoy every pumpkin soup I take not to forget pumpkin lased cookies, Pies even the lattes. I also came across pumpkin scented candles.

It is impossible to mention pumpkins without talking of Halloween. The Halloween theme parties and decorations portray a fantastic American spirit. Kids get all excited wearing crazy costumes. I am not a fan when it comes to the pranks people play on each other. Other than that I do not mind Halloween I can play along and wear a costume but only if my friends insist I do.

Oh, yes Football!

Season kickoff is one of the best experiences one can ever have. Being a fan is exciting especially when the euphoria is at its peak. The jerseys and chanting in support of our teams usher in a Fall with a bang. There is the NFL league and the college, so there is no way you can miss out on the excitement.

You can get a season calendar so that you can highlight your favorite games and plan to attend in advance. I always like going out for the matches. Nothing beats the first-hand experience in the stadium. Its still has an adrenaline rush that cannot be explained.

After that, my friends and I go for a park barbecue where many fans have picnics in the open grilling meat and many other foodstuffs. I always gain some weight every fall, and I allow myself to do so since I have the rest of the year to lose it. Anyone who says they are not drawn in on the football craze is not aware of what they are missing out on.


I appreciate Thanksgiving since its one of the biggest family gathering we have. For many people, it is about the turkey and food.

Don’t get me wrong I love it too. Pulling a perfect thanksgiving off is not easy as one may think. A successful feast is a result of meticulous planning and ideal cooking. Good thing I love cooking, I help out every year making sure that our family dinner is perfect. I always prepare

  • Tasty Oven-fried sweet potatoes
  • Corn Casserole
  • Fresh and delicious scalloped potatoes
  • Cranberry sauce (preferred choice from canned products)
  • Good old stuffed turkey roasted to perfect golden brown.

I always marinate my turkey and slowly roast it to ensure the stuffing is perfect and evenly cooked.

Thanksgiving family dinner is my way of catching up with distant relatives since we always ensure that we meet and have a good time. Most times we give back to the community together with other organisations that come out to help the homeless and needy.

It’s funny now come to think of it. Even the ending of Fall is fantastic. When temperatures start to drop, and I wear my sweater heading to the park. I always try to catch that first snow that drops. Before it becomes all chilly, the park has this beautiful mix of white and the beautiful trees and Flowers.

Let me know your experience until next time bye!

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